October 27th – November 26th, 2016
Galleria Giustini / Stagetti

About the Exhibition

The exhibition presents a body of previously unexhibited, functional works designed exclusively for the gallery by Paolo Canevari – three models of seating, an oak screen and ten vases made using the ancient technique of Etruscan Bucchero – which constitute a further step forward in the artist’s research and personal investigation into objects.
Both the vases – produced by the historic Italian ceramics manufacturer Grazia Deruta – and the furnishings – executed by Umbrian cabinet-makers – clearly evidence a carrying through onto the object plane, of some of the principal themes characterizing the artist’s research from its very beginnings. On a theoretical level: the relationship with the Classical and the Roman worlds; the relationship between the physical place and the mental place and, on a formal level; the pure geometrical imprint and syncopated alternation between full/empty, light/shadows of rationalist architecture.
At the same time, though, the very ease of design and the accuracy of execution with which the vessels and furnishings were made, reveal the incidence of an analytical and informed insight into applied arts and design, and the finesse of a sensitive taste, educated to the culture of beauty.