Paolo Canevari’s work in art is centred upon an analysis which aims to enable a dialogue between past and present, historical memory and that of daily life. Through a language that is both courtly and, at the same time, anti-heroic, his work aims to subvert hierarchies and to question the supremacy of universal concepts such as the icon and historical truth.

Attraction towards the formal and linguistic purity of images and symbolic elements (from the monument to the symbol), the constant search for proportion and a vocation for design, combined with a passionate interest in the culture of objects, have, over time, led Canevari to develop a close relationship with the applied arts of the early 20th century.

Having, throughout the years acquired both a culture of, and in-depth expertise in, design, Canevari began to successfully engage in the production of refined, functional objects.

Since early 90s Canevari participated in numerous group shows in Italy and abroad. His works feature in numerous private and public collections including: Center for Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci, Prato; Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, New York; Fondation Louis Vuitton pour la Creation, Paris; Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation, Miami; Macro, Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome; MART Museum of Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto; Johannesburg Art Gallery, Johannesburg; National Institute for Graphics- Calcografia, Rome; GNAM National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome; Perna Foundation, Capri; Olnick Spanu Art Program, Garrison NY.

Paolo Canevaris’ works here presented have been conceived exclusively for the gallery within its territorial survey aimed at identifying Roman authors with an international attitude combined with a deeply rooted cultural vocation to the genius loci and whose direction of research leads them to exploit techniques and materials of the Roman and Italian artistic and artisanal tradition.