Etruschi e.. Egiziani

September 26th – October 28th, 2023
Galleria Giustini / Stagetti

About the Exhibition

Galleria Giustini / Stagetti is delighted to present the exhibition”Etruschi..E, Egiziani” dedicated to a unique collection of twenty-three ceramic works by Enzo Cucchi.The exhibition’s layout and the catalog text are curated by Pippo Ciorra.

Once again, the artist becomes a time traveler, evoking ancestral symbols and ancient tales,inviting us to explore the profound connection with the roots of our culture and the eternal allure of myths that have bound us together since time immemorial. Amidst dreams and reality, mythological figures and tradition, Cucchi’s work is an intimate fresco of our inner restlessness—an enchanted dimension where past and present blend.

The exhibited ceramics reveal the author’s narrative complexity, conflicts, and overlapping visions in the pursuit of the unknown and the enchantment that is the human condition. For Cucchi, terracotta is both raw material and a repository of everyday objects’ memory, a surface on which to work not through subtraction but addition, with three-dimensional inserts that welcome intrusions, mixtures, pigments, and claim space. The material becomes poetry,opening a window to infinity and offering a profound view of human essence and the natural world.

As Ciorra writes: “We move from almost abstract shapes, defined by a hypothetical function—and thus by the actual measurements needed to make an effective, or at least reliable, vase—to human or animal figures true-to-scale or scaled differently, interlocked or overlapping. Here again, to the question of Cucchi’s relationship with reality (or with representation) there is no linear answer. There is only the zigzagging thread of his creative path, introspective and, at the same time, attracted to whatever enters his field of vision”.