May 25th – June 24th, 2011
Galleria Cortona, Palazzo Pamphilj

About the Exhibition

The Brazilian Baroque Collection, expressly designed for Giustini / Stagetti, former Galleria O., Roma, is the first appointment of Privato Romano Interno, a project dedicated to contemporary design curated by Emanuela Nobile Mino who since 2011, has involved international designers in the production of new collections,executed with materials and techniques derived from Roman and Italian artisanal traditions, and presented within the historic building which identifies the architectural style that has most significantly impacted on the design process of each author’s project.
Brazilian Baroque collection previews for the first time ever Campana Brothers’ furnishings inspired by the city of Rome and its multi-layered artistic heritage. Expressly produced for the gallery, the collection was created by the Campana Brothers in Roman workshops specialised in the manufacturing of bronze and marble. The neo-baroque nature of the Campana brothers found a natural affinity with the opulence of the seventeenth-century interiors of the Cortona Gallery in Palazzo Pamphilj – one of the most significant examples of the excellence of Roman baroque, designed by Borromini and with the vault adorned with the great fresco by Pietro da Cortona – that inspired Campana’s project and was the venue where the Brazilian Baroque Collection was launched in form of site-specific installation. Combining the exuberance of the provincial baroque and of the popular culture to the proportion of the official artistic Roman culture, with this collection Campana Brothers reach a personal definition of Baroque, which they define as “imperfect, pervert, transgenic”.