September 29th – October 29th, 2022
Galleria Giustini / Stagetti

About the Exhibition

The exhibition “Proporzione Mediterranea” is the result of Annarita Aversa’s studies and researches on the vernacular architecture of the Mare Nostrum and, in particular, on the vaulted houses of the Amalfi coast. The collection – made by seats and vases – aims to rediscover the visual and sensorial force of the pure and harmonious forms that characterize this type of architecture, defined by Bruno Zevi as “a vernacular masterpiece worthy of being approached to the Brunelleschi’s dome or to the Micheangelo’s apse of San Pietro”, thus bringing attention to an increasingly threatened heritage.
The author’s intent is to bring back the world of design closer to that of architecture, conceiving both of them again together, with a single idea of ​​space, light and material.
In this regard, the works embody a possible way to return to the origins of architecture, to its essence, in order to rediscover the intimate link between man and inhabited space.
A truthful synthesis capable of evoking the harmony of proportions, the rhythm of solids and voids, the soft modeling typical of the Mediterranean shapes, also through the rawness of the materials, such as the colored terracotta and hand-worked wrought iron used for the seats or the modeled enameled ceramic of the vases.
Furthermore, this research is condensed into the “Vademecum”: a notebook developed in collaboration with the Center of History and Culture of Amalfi and aimed at anyone called to intervene in the area that presents the study of construction systems, elements and architectural systems compatible with the architectural and landscape preservation of the Sorrento-Amalfi peninsula.