November 29th – December 23rd, 2019
Galleria Giustini / Stagetti

About the Exhibition

The new body of works by Andrea Anastasio, “Un fiore per 12 mesi” (One flower for 12 months) looks with affection to the ruins of modernity with an intention to welcome the unmentionable, the feared, the unexpected, the non-designable into the project; while transforming the incident, what is deeply rooted in our consciences, in a constructive foundation.
The twelve ceramic vases, unique pieces making up the collection, all come from the same shape, a compositional synthesis of the Roman amphora and the Korean moonvase. After firing, each specimen is broken and, subsequently, its fragments are re-assembled in new entireties thanks to the enamel which, upon melting in the firing, takes on a structural role, allowing the parts to bind together firmly. Through this process, the original shape of the vase opens up to infinite configurations, both in terms of the substancial and functional. Ceramics, more than other materials, is for Anastasio the page on which for centuries the great narrative of human existence – with its passions, its glories and its poetic fragility – is written, and in the fragments of this long and vulnerable history it is possible to imagine other experiences, other horizons, possible utopias.