Giustini / Stagetti is pleased to present ‘1858’ furniture collection designed by Studio Formafantasma                                                                                                                                (March 13th – April 7th, 2023 Monday through Saturday, 10:30 am – 7:00 pm)

The pieces were first shown at their solo exhibition Cambio, which was held at the Serpentine Galleries in London (2020)

The 1858 furniture collection is produced by Giustini / Stagetti; the edition varies from 6 to 12 pieces + 2 AP.

Based on this original set of works, the production of custom designs is permitted.

‘1858’ collection, Formafantasma                                                                                          Shelving system

‘1858’ collection, Formafantasma                                                                                          Stool


The 1858 collection (a table, a bookshelf, shelves, consoles, a chair, a bench,a desk and a stool) is made of solid spruce, sourced from the Fiemme Valleyforest in Northern Italy, an area that was devastated by the storm Vaia in October 2018.For the prototypes, the wood of a single spruce tree – just one of approximately fourteen million uprooted by the catastrophic storm – was used.The title of the collection, 1858, refers to the year this tree developed its first ring. The pieces are characterized by an extremely concise and simple construction, as well as by a geometric virtuosity. By this, we mean that, if on the one hand they represent the minimalistic aesthetics of the 20th century masters, then on the other hand, they can be distinguished by their versatile formal sleekness, typical of contemporary design. The designers were able to give a particularly transparent and glossy finish to the furnishings by using a lacquering process traditionally used in the construction of musical instruments.This lacquering process allows the grain of the wood to show through, while also making quite tough exteriors. In fact, Stradivari violins even use the same type of wood from the Fiemme Valley.