September 26th – October 22nd, 2016

About the Exhibition

AnnoTropico exhibition reflects the designers’ recent interest in the functional and expressive qualities of light, presenting a series of works made with different techniques and materials, together with a site-specific installation that shifts their experimentation onto an architectural scale. Seen as a “material,” light is at the center of a complex research process that investigates the relationship between natural and artificial illumination, shifting from reference to traditional “unplugged” systems to contemporary innovations in LED lighting and optics.
The exhibition itinerary is organized on different levels. Drawings, models and a video establish a dialogue with a selection of finished objects, all created over the last year. These objects mark an important passage in the designers’ practice, now closer to the industrial sphere than to crafts. At the same time, the working models confirm that the procedure and approach are still based on intuition and experimentation.
These models narrate the path that comes prior to the invention of the finished objects: dichroic glass, optical lenses and a parabolic mirror, assembled with industrial materials like bricks and iron rods, shape the light, generating reflections and shadows in the space.