October 25th – November 24th, 2018
Galleria Giustini / Stagetti

About the Exhibition

“Notturno I” is the new Campana Brothers’ project exclusively designed for the gallery and articulated in two distinct phases that will be unveiled on the occasion of two separate exhibitions Notturno I (2018) and Notturno II (2020). Notturno I presents two new collections, ‘Bacteria’ and ‘Morbido’ plus a selection of unpublished drawings by Fernando Campana.
The drawings are not simply presented as complementary material to the development of the furnishings, but also as a body of autonomous works: singular examples of an intimate and obscure language attracted by atavic movements and amorphous structures. The ‘Bacteria’ and ‘Morbido’ collections take their queue from a creative process poised on the cusp of the oneiric and the hypnotic, emphasizing the geometrical and volumetric virtuosity of the drawings. While, retaining some of the main characteristics of the poetics of the Campanas (the spiral, the continuous line, the interweaving, the metamorphosis), these latest works inaugurate a new phase of investigation aimed at deepening the hypnotic power of a repeated gesture and optical illusionism of a graphic sign, developed both on two-dimensional surfaces and on three-dimensional volumes. A geometric plant, based on a dry and instinctive mark operated on flat two-dimensional surfaces characterizes, for instance, both the ‘Bacteria’ rug, created in collaboration with Nodus (Milano) and the ‘Bacteria’ lamps, the new series of lighting fixtures made in perforated brass sheets.

The project also intends to investigate the individual creative process of the two designers, each of whom is motivated by personal insight and research, with the objective of transforming individual experience into a shared vision from which to recurrently draw inspiration in diverse ways, so as to bring into being harmonious yet original compositions of great expressive force – peculiarities that have assured to the Campanas international acclaim”.