Andrea Anastasio_Studio

Born in Rome in 1961. In the ’70 he is a member of MTM in Rome and is trained in street performance at the school of circus with Roy Bosier and Jango Edwards. He then studies art history and oriental studies in Rome and at I.S.M.E.O. and later obtains his philosophy in Venice. Throughout the ’80s and ’90s he travels extensively in India, studying Indian art history and philosophy. He works at the cataloguing of Islamic architecture in India for UNESCO and at the publication of the teaching of J. Krishnamurti at the K.F.I. Foundation in Madras. In the same years he collaborates with UDRI in Bombay and with the architectural firm Rahul Mehrotra & Associates-Bombay. He works at identifying and cataloguing craft and building techniques in the rural areas of India.

He designs for Italian companies such as Artemide, Memphis-Milan and Danese, connoting his projects of hybridizations of the industrial production processes with craft procedures and by the use of hand made materials that are then industrially finished. Since 2002 his work focuses on manipulating objects and materials of domestic usage and consumer-goods. By reiterating simple gestures or craft techniques like assemblage, weaving, collage, etc. or just by juxtaposing objects, underlining gestures and aspects of daily life that normally go unnoticed, the work generates linguistic short-circuits that challenge the common perception and definition of reality. By the making of objects, pictures, drawings, books and videos, his research focuses on temporality, fragility of human condition, on the definition of reality. He approaches domestic space as the privileged stage where the contradictions of human existence can be evoked and re-enacted.