December 2nd, 2016 – January 16th, 2017
Galleria Giustini / Stagetti

About the Exhibition

The exhibition presents inedited rugs and embroideries designed by the internationally renowned designer, Allegra Hicks: four large rugs – two hand-knotted and two chain-stitched – and two embroidered wall panels depicting typical Roman vistas. Hicks’ synergetic relationship between pattern and colour, and the interchangeable play between the natural and the man-made, work to heighten the visual senses and transforms the perception of domestic spaces. In the exhibition, her works will for the first time will be shown in an installation paired with modern Italian furniture, from the gallery’s own collection. The works reveal a web of references and of craftsmanship in the world of textiles and artefacts.
The domestic space is a social connector, and the rugs within are indicative of social history, referencing different ages and cultures, with various symbolic connotations, both decorative and spiritual. Allegra Hicks rugs are definitive of her unique signature, and within the confines of an interior define a particular quality. They create aesthetic boundaries; separate and unite at once and provide a scenic backdrop to the quotidian life of those who choose the item to be part of their living dimension.